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CKA Competition 2012

Heian / Pinan Kata Bunkai Seminar with John Titchen

On Saturday 26th April, John Titchen will be holding a seminar covering Heian Kata Bunkai. The course format will be: 10.30-13.00: Drills for Heian / Pinan Shodan, Nidan and Sandan […]

Courses, dates, the Lion and grading costs

All upcoming grading and grading training dates have now been added to the club calendar. Costs for gradings for all Kyu grades are increasing by £5 with immediate effect to […]

Patrick McCarthys KU Karate study group, Saturday 1st March

Oxfordshire Taekwon-do school are hosting a Koryu Uchinadi Study Group on Saturday 1st March. Koryu Uchinadi is a practical, function based form of karate encompassing: strangulation; pressure points; ground fighting; balance […]

Denham dojo is now Chalfont dojo

Denham: New dojo, new location, new day…new name! The new Chalfont Dojo has moved to: Gayhurst School, Bull Lane, Gerrards Cross, SL9 8RJ. We will now be training on Wednesdays […]

New Shodans, Aylesbury Dojo times and the CKA Competition

Read on for news about new Shodans, time table updates and the club karate competition. September 2013 Grading Congratulations are due to Mr Stewart Pringle and Mr Peter Health for […]

Denham Dojo – Summer training times

As of 15th July, our Denham Dojo will be operating summer training times – which means one class, 8pm-9pm, all grades. This will run through to 9th September, at which […]