[ FEATURE ] Shin Gohon Kumite & Tai Sabaki (体捌き)


A thought following the grading session that took place last Sunday…

Shin Gohon Kumite … A set introduced as you progress through the syllabus and take your 3rd Kyu examination (brown belt).

In this particular set (or rather set of sets),  basic Shotokan defences (such as those used in Gohon Kumite) are evolved, with a view to enforce the teaching of evasion, or Tai Sabaki (体捌き). Instead of stepping directly backwards in the face of a frontal attack (which is highly ineffective in combat), the defender is now free to move in any direction before the counter-attack.  Tai Sabaki (体捌き) can be translated as body-management. It implies the use of fluid and harmonious moves rather than the use of physical strength.

Yoko Tai Sabaki (side evasion), Ushiro Sabaki (backwards evasion), Naname Ushiro Sabaki (diagonally back movement), etc. The possibilities become (nearly) endless…


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