Nanakorobi Yaoki (七転八起)

  Nanakorobi Yaoki (pronounced “nah-nah koh-row-bee yah oh-kee”) literally means “fall down seven times, get up eight times” and is often used to illustrate the perserverence of the karateka needed to achieve success, whether in training or battle. Below is an old article written by one of our Shodan about his journey to reach Shodan, and is a perfect illustration of Nanakorobi Yaoki …   …

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Michael Thornton and Sensei Ashley Croft

Michael Thornton: Thoughts on my last grading

When most students take up karate as a hobby or sport they will tell you that they have come along to keep fit, or to learn an art of self defence. The goal for most karateka ultimately is to be awarded a black belt. Unfortunately, if this is the only motivation to train then there is very little to keep the impetus going after you have acheived this goal.

Two years ago after a lot of hard work and sweat i managed to get awarded my black belt, and was told by several different senseis within the club that i had now come to the end of my training as a beginner, and could now become a proper student! Continue reading “Michael Thornton: Thoughts on my last grading”