Child protection – Information for parents


All instructors and persons engaged in the provision of instruction within the C.K.A. are fully aware of and committed to the C.K.A. Child Protection Policy.

The C.K.A. has a nominated Child Protection Officer who oversees the implementation of this policy and acts as an adviser to the Instructors and the C.K.A. General and Technical Committees. This role is currently undertaken by Mrs Sarita Murray.

All C.K.A instructors have been subject of a vetting process in accordance with the policy of the English Karate Governing Body.

If you have reason to believe that a breach of the C.K.A. Child Protection Policy has occurred or have any concerns is this respect please bring this to the attention of either the Instructor in charge of the Dojo in which the breach occurred, the Child Protection Officer or any member of the CKA Technical Committee (The CKA Technical Committee acts as the CKA disciplinary body. This committee consists of the Chief Instructor and senior CKA Dan grades)

Contacts are as follows:

  • Dr Sarita Murray (CPO)
  • Mr David Davenport (Chief Instructor)
  • Mes Erin Thwaites (Technical Committee)
  • Paul James (Technical Committee)
  • Michael Thornton (Technical Committee)
  • Juliet Guerri (Technical Committee)

In the interests of your child we will maintain a high level of confidentiality.

For more information, please contact us.